Epoxy resin floors

The EBALAN FLOOR SYSTEMS is a low-cost, effective and
long-lasting alternative to epoxy floors.
Further details are provided in the section on concrete floors. Our system can be used to clean or condition existent epoxy floors.

A unique cleaning experience

Polished concrete floors are ideal for warehouse and production halls, industrial buildings, large retail stores, schools, hospitals and office centres. The EBALAN Floor system improves appearance, strengthens concrete floors, increases abrasion resistance and reduces maintenance as well as cleaning costs. The costs arising here are only about one third compared to conventional epoxy coatings.

Reconditioning of epoxy floors

Even regular cleaning of epoxy resin floors does not prevent, in the short or long term, the floor's appearance from turning slightly oily and dark, nor does it allow removal of marks caused by walking, tyres or rubber abrasion.

We recondition your floors, remove oil, tyre marks etc. - in short - the floor receives a "facelift"; you will hardly recognize it again, and the basis for simple cleaning in future has been laid.

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