Grinding of concrete floors

Grinding of concrete floors: professional treatment for industrial and hall floors

With our patented process, we grind and polish your concrete floor in a unique way. The EBALAN Floor system strengthens your concrete floor, improves its appearance, reduces maintenance and cleaning costs, and protects the floor against abrasion.


First-rate concrete floors

Ground and polished concrete floors are ideal for warehouse and production halls, industrial buildings, large retail stores, schools, hospitals and office centres. The EBALAN Floor system costs only about one third compared to conventional epoxy coatings.


Your benefits:

  • Unbeatable life span
    Life cycle costs are about 70% lower than those of conventional solutions for industrial floors.
  • Health and safety
    The dust-free floor safeguards health and has better slip-resistance.
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs
    The treated floor is highly impermeable and wear-resistant, and thus protected against external influences.
  • Sustainability
    Maintenance of the treated floor entails significantly lower energy and material consumption.
  • Fast completion
    Completion of up to 1000 m² in one day.

Our services at a glance:

  • Concrete floor grinding and polishing
  • Joint and crack repair
  • Reconditioning of epoxy resin floors
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Grinding of mastic asphalt
  • Grinding of terrazzo / terrazzo tiles
  • Removal of carpets and their adhesives
  • Reconditioning of tiles
  • Shot peening / milling

The EBALAN Floor system

In contrast to epoxy coatings, EBALAN Floor Systems keeps your polished concrete floor in perfect condition for many years; the EBALAN Floor Systems process makes the floor more durable, easier to maintain and more resistant to wear.


Free of dust and easy to maintain

Eco-friendly impregnation permeates through the surface deep into the concrete, and binds and hardens the mineral particles. After treatment, the surface is permanently resistant to abrasion and almost no dust is formed. The ground and polished floors are easy to clean. Problematic tyre marks can be easily removed during daily cleaning.


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