Joint and crack repair: the latest generation - level joints with a clear increase in added value

After introduction of an odourless joint liquid, level passage over the repaired joints is of particular note; transport vehicles must be no longer be slowed down or halted when passing over. Costs of maintaining the equipment are reduced, and negative health effects on the drivers of the load transporters in the form of vibration and noise are minimized.



Damage prevention

Defective joints and cracks allow water, oils and chemicals to penetrate the concrete. Joint and crack repair is needed here to prevent damage.


An overview of your benefits:

  • Short restrictive periods
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduction in human vibrations
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Long-term protection and load capacity
  • Reduction of maintenance costs for joints and lifting gear
  • Restoration of the load capacity of joints after just 3 hours

Particularly suitable for joint and crack repair:

  • Standard floors in halls
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Metal processing
  • Warehouses
  • Trade fair venues
  • Cold storage depots
  • Foodstuffs transfer facilities


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